Real Estate Marketing in Africa

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Better marketing with less effort!

Property Box Africa is a place for any real estate related businesses to grow their marketing game. We provide you with A+ graphic design, web design and property listing service – all meant to equip you with great tools/platforms for effective & professional advertising and marketing approach. Our services are mainly tailored for:

  • – Realtors, Interior designers & furniture stores
  • – Architects,  Landscapers & Property Developers.

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Real Estate Listing, ( select from available destinations below: )

* Currently, real estate listing service only available in Kenya. On the other countries, we showcase new featured developments, as of now.

About Us

Property Box Africa is a platform that encompasses a team of associates, offering real estate marketing & Design services, in Africa.
Our focus is on quality that measures up to our clients’ needs and effectively deliver a service that boosts their brand identity, in an elegant and easy way that people can relate to. Our services are in split into 2 primary categories : Listing services, & Design servicesMore About us

New Developments

Across 8 countries in Africa, we feature new projects & exquisite properties by real estate agencies, developers & designers, setting the bar higher for Africa’s realty industry.

Featured Real Estate Reports:


Be sure to check out latest reports & news related to the real estate industry in Africa; from great sources. (coming soon)

On the Publication’ page; we compile unique reports that focus on both the real estate and hospitality industry across Africa. We aim to bring out to our audience investment opportunities worth pursuingReports & Insights

Are you in the real estate business?

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